Salzman's Web of Lies

One of "R. Trent Williams" aka Richard Salzman's nasty little missives in the McK Press...

More on August case

To respond to Rhonda Meehan's defense of Judith Schmidt. It was indeed "copies " of documents which she kept. Unfortunately for justice and for your argument, that is the very act that was a violation of state law, which she fully admitted to being aware of. But that she knowingly violated the law is not the point. Debbie (sp!) August's lobbing the city government on behalf of a developer on a housing project for which she was listed as the agent, while she is was a city council member, that is the point.

And just because the case was thrown out of court on a technicality makes it no less wrong. Keep in mind she was not found innocent here. But you shouldn't need a law to know it was the wrong thing to do.

I suppose you think it is also OK for Karl Rove to identify a CIA operative as long as no one can prove he violated a law? This is all part of the same attitude, that those in power believe they are above the law. And in fact, prior to Gallegos taking office, most often elected officials in Humboldt County and certainly anyone in law-enforcement were treated that way. There were two sets of laws in Humboldt, one for them and one for us. I have heard numerous stories about two of the real lushes who use to work in the D.A.s office being pulled over for drunk driving and simply being offered a ride home. In turn, if a cop ran afoul of the law, it just never made it to court. That is exactly what we would be going back to if Worth Dikeman was to be the DA, which of course will never happen.

Last week's Eureka Reporter poll showed 60% of the people do not think Worth could adequately manage the D.A.s office. Worth is the past and most of us do not want to go back to when the Good Old Boys ran this county.

What got Debbie(sp) August so steamed was that it was her own that turned on her. Amongst the many Fortuna residents who testified before the grand jury against Debbie August was fellow council member Mel Berti. Read all about it in the Sept 9 edition of he North Coast Journal. The article is posted online at http://northcoastjournal.com/090904/cover0909.html

If you want to know the facts, and I don't assume you do, you will go back and read this report.

R. Trent Williams

It is critical that you read the North Coast Journal's expose of Salzman's many aliases, and his letter writing campaign, designed to make it look like there was popular support for his positions, designed to smear his targets, dripping with sarcasm. The Journal uncovered the real people whose names Salzman had hijacked (some with permission, though they did not know what he wrote - some were elderly people incapable of defending themselves.) This is only one of the dirty tricks Salzman has employed.

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