ER - 9/12/2006 Coroner's inquest into death of Cheri Moore will start today

ER Coroner's inquest into death of Cheri Moore will start today 9/12/2006

The Olin brand orange flare gun and 12-gauge flare shell and a body diagram created by Dr. Susan Comfort of the Shasta County Sheriff Coroner’s Office will be presented as evidence during the coroner’s inquest into the fatal police-involved shooting of Cheri Moore. The inquest begins this morning at 9 a.m. at the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka. Katie O’Neill/The Eureka Reporter

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April 27, 2006 SCENES FROM A SHOOTING - friends, bystanders, activists, police and the death of Cheri Moore

September 21. 2006 CAUSE OF DEATH - Questions answered and questions raised in the Cheri Lynn Moore inquest

Immediate aftermath:
ER Music, shots, then silence 4/15/2006
ER Investigation launched into police involved shooting 4/15/2006
ER Police respond to fatal shooting of Eureka woman 4/16/2006
TS Eureka shooting tragedy runs deep 04/16/2006
ER In aftermath of shooting, many questions remain 4/17/2006
TS Questions swirl around standoff shooting 04/18/2006
TS Haunted by the past 04/19/2006
ER Group gathers to remember Cheri Moore 4/19/2006
TS Police remain tight-lipped on shooting 04/20/2006
TS Lethal Weapon - Was it “just a flare gun”? 04/21/2006
ER Dispatch logs of fatal shooting made public 4/21/2006
ER Reserve judgment on shooting; question about timing lingers 4/23/2006
TS 'Force options' 04/24/2006
TS Shooting damage 'profound' 04/25/2006
TS City won't hand over 911 tapes 04/26/2006
TS 'Parallel' options 04/28/2006
ER Preliminary results indicate officers followed protocol4/28/2006
TS Shooting: ”Legal and lawful” 04/28/2006
ER Meeting about police review coalition turns to discussions of April 14 shooting 4/28/2006
ER Cheri Moore's son speaks out 4/28/2006
ER Idea of Police Review Coalition discussed with City Council subcommittee 4/29/2006
ER Moore shooting headed for Grand Jury? 5/25/2006

The Inquest:
ER Police chief said he stands by his officers' actions in shooting 7/21/2006
ER Coroner's inquest into police-involved shooting rescheduled 7/24/2006
ER Inquest should include still photos 8/30/2006
ER Coroner's inquest into death of Cheri Moore will start today 9/12/2006
TS Inquest testimony begins today - 11 jurors sworn in for rare court proceeding 09/12/2006
TS Neighbors, friends and SWAT commander testify during inquest's second half 09/12/2006
TS The last inquest - Moore shooting circumstances far more complicated 09/12/2006
TS Witnesses begin testifying in Moore case 09/12/2006
TS Witnesses from the First Day of the Moore Inquest 09/12/2006
TS 'I was scared' - Officers who fired fatal shots testify 09/13/2006
TS Incident commander testifies at coroner's inquest 09/13/2006
TS Witnesses from the Third Day of the Moore Inquest 09/14/2006
TS Officer, chief take stand in Moore inquest 09/14/2006
ER Final nine testify at coroner's inquest 9/15/2006
TS Jury makes three recommendations after inquest 09/15/2006

And then the tortuous delay fraught with threats - Rumors, Leaks, and the Grand Jury Indictment:
ER A grim anniversary passes without resolution 4/13/2007
TS Gallegos: Retrial will 'likely' delay Moore decision 07/13/2007
TS Countdown to a decision 07/23/2007
TS Police Chief hopes grand jury proceedings are made public 11/08/2007
Who owns the 'facts'? 12/11/2007
TS EPD, other law enforcement turn out to support Zanotti, Douglas 12/11/2007
TS Gallegos to handle police prosecution 12/13/2007
ER City to assist with costs of former police chief's defense
TS Ex-chief garners $75K for his defense 12/21/2007
TS State police chiefs association president responds to indictments 12/24/07

ER Ltr Everyone needs to be treated with compassion, respect 4/19/2006
ER Ltr Don't rush to judgment in police shooting 4/19/2006
TS Blue lights can show support
TS State police chiefs association president responds to indictments

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