ER - 5/13/2006 Accounting of Cheri Moore killing necessary

ER Ltr Accounting of Cheri Moore killing necessary 5/13/2006

Dear Editor,

However the final report on the shooting of Cheri Moore turns out, one thing is clear: Eureka residents can be satisfied with nothing less than a full and complete minute-by-minute accounting of what happened.

If this is not provided, it will say something very disturbing about the community in which we live. Things are changing in Eureka and people will no longer accept vague assurance from elected or hired officials.

Maybe the killing of a distressed woman in need of mental health counseling was justified — under a particular set of circumstances.

However if this were the case, the people still have a right and need to judge privately for themselves. How they judge this incident will affect how they feel about our community and its leaders, how they vote, to whom they feel they can turn to for help.

Rightly or wrongly, anything less than full disclosure will only come out as cover-up. This would be an unhealed wound none of us want.

Patrick Eytchison
Eureka No tax money
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