ER - 4/28/2006 Meeting about police review coalition turns to discussions of April 14 shooting

ER Meeting about police review coalition turns to discussions of April 14 shooting
by Christine Bensen-Messinger, 4/28/2006

Approximately 50 people gathered at the meeting of the Police Review Coalition Thursday night. Discussion at the meeting, which was held to discuss the formation of a Police Review Coalition in Eureka, quickly turned to the April 14 police-involved shooting which left Eureka resident Cheri Moore dead.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos and Eureka City Councilman Jeff Leonard attended the meeting and Gallegos ended up answering the questions of many concerned attendees.

Gallegos said the incident is still under investigation and he asked people to reserve judgment until the facts were all in.

Many attendees voiced concern that police would not be held accountable for what they called a “murder.”

“Unfortunately what happened to Cheri Moore is not isolated,” said Eureka resident Kim Starr.

Eureka resident Patricia Powell, who said she was one of the approximately 100 spectators standing outside of Moore’s apartment when the shooting occurred, said Moore just wanted some cigarettes and her mental health doctor.

She said it appeared that police were “punishing” her by not honoring her requests.

“To me the time for reason and logic was that Friday afternoon,” she said.

“We are fully looking into (the shooting),” Gallegos said.

He said in addition to the actual incident, the decision-making process that led to Moore’s shooting is also being looked into.

Gallegos said it was important not to act on impulse.

“All I’m asking is that we let the investigation go forward,” he said.

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