ER - 8/30/2006 Inquest should include still photos

ER Inquest should include still photos

In July, we went on record as advocating the use of cameras and video recorders in the upcoming inquest in to the police shooting death of Cheri Moore.

While Humboldt County Coroner Frank Jager has relented and will now allow a videotaping of the inquest to occur — if technical details can be worked out with KEET Channel 13, we disagree with his decision to ban journalists’ use of a still camera. We applaud Jager for his change of heart in televising the inquest. We believe it is of vital community interest that North Coast residents can watch the inquest and form their own opinions by testimony and evidence presented.

We believe local newspapers should be able to at least choose a pool photographer who would take photos that each newspaper could use. This would eliminate photographers from having to compete for the best angle to get the best photo for the next issue.

We feel there is enough public interest in this inquest for us to demand that a still photographer be allowed to take photos because many questions surround the shooting of mentally distraught Moore.

The shooting has drawn a lot of criticism from community residents — some of whom believe that Moore could have been talked out of threatening to use a flare gun if officers raided her apartment.

At the same time, the officers said they were concerned about others in the apartment complex where Moore lived, as well as their own safety.

An inquest will hopefully lay to rest questions concerning this tragic shooting.

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