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Broken system
Letter to the Editor

Once again they have delayed the preliminary hearing for Jason Bradley Whitmill and Anthony Flores into February. I would think that this case would be a simple slam-dunk, they murdered an innocent 9-year-old girl, permanently disabled her mother and completely destroyed her family.

It would save the Humboldt County taxpayers a lot of money to get this trial over and get these two into prison, or would it? According to the California Department of Corrections Web site it cost the taxpayers of California around $35,000 a year for each of the over 300,000 inmates in our state prisons, what they won't tell you is what percentage of those inmates are illegal immigrants.

With all of California's budget problems and prison overcrowding this should be a no brainer for our elected officials, send the illegal immigrants back to where they came from and this time keep them out, this would save the taxpayers of California millions of dollars while allowing room for Whitmill and Flores. Instead what we will do is leave the illegal immigrants in our prisons only to release them onto our streets eventually, complain because the state and the county are broke then let Whitmill and Flores out on the streets to find their next victim.

They have proved that they are capable of this time and time again with Mr. Whitmill, he is the perfect example of what's wrong with our justice system

Kenneth Quigley
Posted: 01/23/2009 01:15:54 AM PST
From Comments:

Mr. Quigley, I stand behind your "BROKEN SYSTEM" note regarding our local justice system. I am not the only one who can't understand why they keep moving trial dates forward. You have the "slam-dunk" part right, only they should slam-dunk these punk murders right into the sewer where they belong!!

Again, my heart goes out to you and your family for having to under go this delay. It is just too bad that a big lumber truck was not in front of your family. These punks would be hamburger, and your loved ones would not have been put through all this. May God Bless you, your wife and family, and especially your little 9 year old Angel! DON'T GIVE UP! Fight, fight, fight. My wife and family wish that these punks will be put where they belong - PRISION FOR LIFE!

Really Broken
Mr. Quigley - I am so sorry for you and your wife's loss. The reason this was delayed again is because the DA is trying to figure out a plea bargain that won't get protests in front of the court house. He doesn't want to try this case because he doesn't have the man power or brains to try it.

If you only knew how many people are following this and how much they think about you and your family.

I completely agree. If the DA doesn't want protests in front of the courthouse, he better do the right thing and get these two the max penalty with no pleas or parole. Anything short of that is injustice.

Get ready to witness injustice - its been spilling out of the courthouse like a broken damn for the last four years. People have been looking the other way because of what I don't know.
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