Is this any way to write a help wanted ad?



The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is recruiting for a top-flight
prosecutor, with at least 5 years felony experience, who is able to "pick up a file at a
moment's notice and run with it." The opening derives from one of its deputy district
attorneys being appointed a federal magistrate.

The Humboldt County DA's office is one of the most exciting prosecutorial
offices in California.

Its District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, is willing to charge anyone who commits
wrongdoing--no matter how wealthy, sacrosanct, or ruthless. He believes in total equality
before the law. He also plans to be innovative in promoting programs of prevention and
treatment. He wants to make it the best prosecutorial office of its size in the nation.
As an example of willingness to take on the powerful, the office filed, in February
2003, a major fraud suit against Pacific Lumber Company under the Unfair Competition
Law. This led to Pacific Lumber's funding a recall against the DA, on which it spent
$220,000 despite Humboldt being a rural county of only 140,000 people.
On March 2, 2004, the voters in Humboldt County gave Gallegos an emphatic
vote of confidence--over 61% of the vote despite a massive barrage of false advertising.
Humboldt County is considered one of the most beautiful counties in the nation. It
has an extensive coastline on the Pacific, contains rugged mountains for hiking and
scenic rivers for fishing, and is home to the most cathedral-like redwoods in the world.
Eureka-Arcata has an airport with regularly scheduled service to San Francisco
and Sacramento and elsewhere. It contains Humboldt State University, which reportedly
sends the highest number of graduates into the Peace Corps of all colleges and
universities in America.

The salary schedule for this position is per year, plus health and dental insurance
benefits. Cost of living in Eureka-Arcata is less than in California's urban areas.

Paul Gallegos, Humboldt County District Attorney, 825 5th Street, 4th Floor,
Eureka, California 95501. Phone: 707-445-7411. Fax: 707-445-7416. Email: