Investigation Into Assistant DA Harassment Charges Complete

Investigation Into Assistant DA Harassment Charges Complete

Posted: 06/15/04


Humboldt County’s investigation into the alleged incidents of sexual harassment involving Assistant District Attorney Tim Stoen and a member of his clerical staff has apparently been completed and no formal charges or further action is to be taken.

This is according to county officials who will not appear on camera and cite personnel privacy concerns for not being more forthcoming with details or further explanation of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Stoen has been firing off demands for retractions and corrections to members of the local media, including News Channel 3, and has reportedly sought to subpoena the results of the county’s investigation; a report that county officials will not share with the Assistant D.A. It was originally reported that Stoen was on administrative leave, but while District Attorney Gallegos apparently did suggest that he not come to the office until the matter was settled, a formal leave may not have been the case.

Stoen was contacted Tuesday at his office by News Channel 3, but he declined comment on any issues surrounding the alleged incident or the investigation.