AE - New DA unit to take up Hagen's work

New DA unit to take up Hagen's work
dated somewhere around 1/3/07

This week, in Daniel Mintz's article in the Arcata Eye, McKinleyville Press and The Independent, Gallegos announces that he is planning to put together an "environmental crimes unit.

“The idea is that we would be a leader, a hub in northern California for top prosecutors,” said Gallegos.
Staffing would be modest at first, he continued, possibly beginning with a prosecutor that he would hire and the CDAA would pay for. As the unit progresses, fines culled from successful prosecutions might allow further staffing.

“If someone is ripping people off or engaged in unfair business practices, they can expect to be prosecuted as criminals, or sued civilly, or both,” Gallegos said. “And if they’re creating a dangerous work environment – same thing.”"

More code words that say, in no uncertain terms, that Gallegos continues to try to implement Salzman's Plan. Using taxpayer's money to fulfill the activist's agenda at the expense of the People's business.

The purpose of the so-called "Alliance for Ethical Business" was "to promote corporate
responsibility and to ensure that fraud and illegal business practices are
prosecuted in a court of law."

Code words for "get Palco."

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New DA unit to take up Hagen's work
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