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Local Democrats want Eureka Coalition for Jobs to come clean

Oy Moyhan Vogel Ths Timus-Standard
Tuesday, November 02, 2004 -

EUREKA " The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Is calling for a full and open public disclosure 01" those
behind the Eureka Coalition TO;- Jobs.

The mystery group, which is being represented by Sacramento attorney and lobbyist Wayne Ordos. has launched a media
attach against Eureka City Councilman Chris Kerrlgan in the last few days before the election. Ordos has refused to disciose
his client. 01 clients. A television ad, which was paid tci by tho coalition, claims Kerrigan is reRponsiolo tor a downturn n the
local ecoromy.

On Saturday. Eureka residents also received ma.-l from the Eureka Coalition for Jobs. The mailer Quotes Times-Standard
headlines and articles out of context, and claims Kerrlgan is responsible for running pbs out of town, A local media firm.
which did not produce the mailer, estimated it cost a little mo'e than S10.000 to design, print and mail

Rsx Bohn. who is running against Kerngan Tor Eureka's 4th Ward seal. held a press conference as soon as he found out
about the 'elevlsion ad. Bohn said he was shocked by the ad. and had no idea where it came from-

This ;s not good for anyone." said Chris Crawford. chair of Friends for Rex Bohn "It certainly has no; he.ped oui campaign.
Whoever is doing this is running the ad because they know it will hurt us. or they're trying to help us EiSher way, we neither
seek npr appreciate the'r help."

noh." said he doesn't want the ad to polarize the community.

"I wish tnis ad had never showed up. because it's no! do'ng anybody any good/' he said, "1 wan1 people to vote for the
person they think could do tne best job."

The Hjnboldt County Democratic Centra! Committee :s calling for loca. political parties and action groups to dencunce the
ads and to p'ess the Fair Political Practices Commission to conduct a full investigation of the anonymous group.

'These aos are misleading, unethical and wildly inaccurate,'' said Committee Chair Patrick Riggs In a press statement. "They
represent the woist kind of negative campaigning by special interest groups afraid to let the public know v/ho they are."

in light of tho ads. the committee 's also reiterating iis endorsemen' of Kerrigan.

"I ie has worked to bring living-wage )obs to ETiureka. foi affordable housing and health caie. and to keep our local businesses
grov.'.'ng." r^iggs said- "We feel it is important to make this public statement a; this time to make sure our Democratic voters
are not misled by these sneak attack ads "

On F.'.day. KEET-TV. the North Coast's public television station, issued written requests that the ad be pulled from the air
because it contains copyrighted footage of Kerrigan at a KEET debate. Js'ing copyrighted material is in violation n* Fedo-al
Cc'nmunicaiions Commission's standards.

Also on Friday. Bob Browning, station manager of KIEM Channel 3. said his station wou!d not be pulling (he ad. Instead.
Browning said. it would be replacing the KEET footage v/ith images obtained from Co'sky Media o: Sar: Franc^co, which
placed *he ad with local television stations

On Monday. Browning said Colsky Media purchased KIEM foctage of Kerrigan to replace the KEET footage in the ad, KIEM
then re-edited the ad Re-editing is a standard service KIEM provides. Drowning said. He would not disclose how much the
station v/as paid for the re-edit, but said a premium was paid because of the short notice-

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