12/18/03 A BUYOUT OF PL? It's nothing more than talk, at this point. But environmental activists and others are looking into the feasibility -- or lack thereof -- of what might be called the ultimate solution: Buying the Pacific Lumber Co. Jan Kraepelien, formerly of KEET-TV and long involved in the never-ending local timber wars, confirmed Tuesday that he had broached the idea with the Redwood Forest Foundation, a Mendocino County non-profit that uses tax-exempt bonds to purchase industrial timberlands. (The group was involved in the unsuccessful effort to purchase commercial timberlands in the Mendocino region owned by Louisiana-Pacific; the company sold its holdings instead to the Gap.) Kathy Moxon, chief administrative officer of the Humboldt Area Foundation, and a member of RFF's board of directors, said that so far she hasn't done much more than put out some feelers to other board members to gauge their level of interest. Stay tuned.

Note: Jan Kraepelien was a board member of "Humboldt Watershed Council" according to tax filings. Years T/K