ER - Candidate seeks balance between growth, quality of life

Terrible interview, given all the controversy and the questions that should be asked of Mark Lovelace. This is a typical puff piece interview, that you can expect to see of all the candidates. No tough questions, no examination of the issues, no challenges. A big disappointment.

Candidate seeks balance between growth, quality of life

By CERENA JOHNSON, The Eureka Reporter
Published: Mar 25 2008, 10:46 PM

Third District Supervisor candidate Mark Lovelace said he is focused on balancing a need for economic development and growth with quality of life.

Lovelace, who has lived in the area for 20 years, is president of the Humboldt Watershed Council and is involved with the Healthy Humboldt Coalition, a cooperative effort through the council geared at protecting the environment and strengthening the local economy through the Humboldt County General Plan.

Lovelace has also served with various community organizations, including Citizens for Real Economic Growth, and established a consulting business working with small manufacturers, and has worked on property issues, affordable housing, alternative transportation and land use issues.

Lovelace also notes work in 2000 on the Sunny Brae forest project, through which 175 acres were added to the city of Arcata’s community forest management plan.

Lovelace said his public and private sector involvement will help him to recognize the connection between all of the different projects facing the county.

In confronting challenges that lie ahead, Lovelace said a dialogue about the future of Humboldt County and what it should look like is necessary.

“People live here for the quality of life,” he said, including scenic beauty and a natural environment. “We need to build upon that.”

Lovelace said in focusing on economic development, it is important to look at growing businesses locally that are also able to compete outside of the community, providing good paying jobs and utilizing local talent.

“There are some amazing young people coming out of this area,” he said.

He described the third district as a “magnet” for innovative businesses.

Having worked in manufacturing and being Web based, Lovelace also stressed the area’s need for infrastructure.

“As supervisor, I would want to work with those kinds of businesses and see that they have the tools they need,” he said.

The Third District stretches from Arcata and Manila to Freshwater and Kneeland.

Lovelace is running against Arcata City Councilmember Paul Pitino and Bryan Plumley, a financial adviser.