TS - (Larry) Glass accused of 'political crusade'

Glass accused of 'political crusade'

A spokesman for local businessman Rob Arkley called Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass' accusations that Arkley threatened and assaulted him “politically motivated,” one day after the state attorney general's office announced that no charges would be filed in the case.

”These were politically motivated charges by an individual with a longstanding grudge against the Arkleys and the Marina Center project,” said Arkley spokesman Steven Glazer. “It is a shame that he wasted taxpayers' and law enforcement resources in his political crusade.”

Glass denied the characterization, saying the main issue was Arkley threatened him as a public official -- telling him he had him followed and threatening to destroy him if he didn't vote for his project.
”I don't have any personal animosity toward them,” he said. “The charges were motivated by the fact that he threatened a public official.”

Glazer, who declined to comment Thursday when first informed of the decision by a Times-Standard reporter, said he was able to independently confirm the information via a fax from the attorney general's office.

He said the Arkley family was happy to “put the incident behind them.”

In a brief letter addressed to Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, the supervising deputy attorney general wrote that the office “carefully reviewed the reports and circumstances of this incident and concluded that no charges will be filed.”
The issue stems from Glass' accusations that Arkley shoved him and threatened him at a reception for the California Coastal Commission in September. Glass filed a police report shortly after the incident.

Arkley's spokespeople have denied there was any physical contact between Arkley and Glass, and characterized Arkley's role as that of a concerned parent.

An investigation by Eureka Police Department Detective Neil Hubbard was turned over to Gallegos, who announced in October that he was requesting that the attorney general take the case. Gallegos said he was present at the function, and was interviewed as a witness.

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Text of Attorney General's office letter
Re: Rob Arkley
Dear Mr. Gallegos:
As a result of a conflict, this office agreed to review for filing the reports involving Rob Arkley. In those reports it is alleged that Mr. Arkley threatened and assaulted Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass in a restaurant during a Coastal Commission mixer. According to Mr. Glass, this incident related to Glass' opposition to Arkley's development of property in Humboldt County. We have carefully reviewed the reports and circumstances of this incident and concluded that no charges will be filed.
Joyce Blair
Supervising Deputy Attorney General

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