Incestuous little activists

Incestuous little activists, that they are, with new names for new groups every time you turn around, but the same faces with new titles and ther same agenda... always lovely flowery language, so "inspirational" wearing the grassroots cloak covering the rotten seething cancerous mess. To understand you have to realize that Larry Evans is/was the Executive Director of "EPIC" - one of the worst of the predatopry litigious groups. This is about money and power, not about the environment:


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view the video at: www.SaveEurekaWaterfront.org

Hosts Community Visioning Forum for Balloon Tract

"Imagine the Possibilities" Event To Tackle Community-Based Land Use Planning

Eureka, CA-- Citizens For Real Economic Growth (CREG) will present their fourth public educational forum on this coming Friday, October 13, 2006 beginning with a reception at 5:45 and presentations beginning at 6:30 at the Wharfinger Building on the Eureka Waterfront. The session is entitled-- “Imagine the Possibilities” and features special guest experts presenting case studies of visionary cities that undertook community-based planning ventures for their former rail yards and waterfronts with highly successful results. Seating is limited and a capacity crowd is expected for this latest installment of the citizen-organized educational series that began this spring.

“In the absence of leadership from our current city council, CREG is determined to step up and provide a small measure of what the community was promised after 1999’s overwhelming 61% vote to defeat the first big box mall proposal—a democratic and inclusive process to resolve the question of how this public trust land can best serve the community,” said CREG spokesperson Larry Evans.

“The recent announcement that Mr. Arkley and his Security National company have assumed liability for toxic cleanup on the site has spurred a surge of activity on the CREG online petition with our Supporter List now topping 1,067 signers, ," stated Evans before concluding that, “this event couldn’t be more timely.”

In addition to stories of successful projects with unique character, the program for the evening will focus on public planning methods, land use and urban design. Notable specialists coming to Eureka for this special occasion include:
§ Darin Dinsmore, principle and founder of Dinsmore SIERRA, a community planning and

consulting firm. Mr. Dinsmore is currently the Development Coordinator for the Truckee Railyard Partnership.
§ Designer Eric Lindstrom is a Eureka native who operates Lindstrom Design Studio in Grants

Pass Oregon. Mr. Lindstrom is a graduate of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and has over ten years of experience in the architecture and planning fields.
§ Professor Mark L. Gillem, PhD, AIA, AICP, serves on the faculty in the Departments of

Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon. In addition to teaching, Professor Gillem has an urban design practice with a global clientele where he specializes in addressing issues of sustainability, social responsibility and historic preservation.

“CREG wants a return to the Balloon Tract Master Plan and a true public process. It’s disappointing to have to replay the Measure J mess instead of moving forward with a community-based approach that fosters broad dialogue about a wide range of alternatives available to the city and its citizens for developing this unique parcel to achieve the highest and best use of our waterfront,” declared Evans.

A TV commercial currently running on local cable and broadcast channels is available for viewing on the CREG website or for more information visit -- www.SaveEurekaWaterfront.org

CREG Visioning Forum—“Imagine The Possibilities”
Guest Speakers List with Full Bio’s

Darin Dinsmore founded and operates Dinsmore SIERRA. Mr. Dinsmore is a professional urban planner and landscape architect who understands that mixed-use development presents an opportunity to provide choices which create a high quality of life while maintaining a community’s unique character in the face of growth and economic pressure. Mr. Dinsmore is currently the development coordinator for the Truckee Railyard Partnership as well as consultant project manager for the Regional Planning Partners team which was formed to guide the Place-Based planning component of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Pathway 2007 planning efforts. www.regionalplanningpartners.com

Designer Eric A. Lindstrom operates Lindstrom Design Studio. As an independent design studio located in Grants Pass, Oregon, it focuses on environmental, social, and economic issues relevant to the built environment and to the creation of place. Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and has over ten years of experience within the architectural and planning fields. As a native of Eureka, he appreciates and supports the environmental and human processes of the region, and understands the importance of public process and debate. Eric's work strives to remind others of where they live, and to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

504 N.W. ELM ST.


Assistant Professor Mark L. Gillem, PhD, AIA, AICP holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Oregon and teaches studios and seminars in urban design and architecture. He has a Masters in Architecture and a PhD in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelors of Architecture with Highest Distinction from the University of Kansas. He is also a licensed architect and certified planner. Through his urban design practice, he has completed projects for clients worldwide that address issues of sustainability, social responsibility, and historic preservation. His research focuses on global institutions, their land-use policies, and the resulting impacts on urban form. He has published numerous articles on urban design and presents regularly at conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Mark L. Gillem, PhD, AIA, AICP
Assistant Professor
Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
University of Oregon

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