Ken Miller on power, J Dessel on the Press Democrat

silho-@asis.com wrote:

Hi folks. The reason the Press Democrat is anti-Gallegos is because
some of the contributing interests there are good buddies of Terry
Farmer. Mickey and Patty Fleschner of Trinidad Realty are friends with
Farmer and have BIG influence over the Press Democrat.

Any voices of reason to the Press Democrat therefore will be pissing in
the wind. Perhaps another tack would work there. Though I'm at a loss
to say which. Any ideas?

J. Dessel


Here's Ken Miller

AEB Humboldt
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Re: No big money in local elections

Ken Miller

Nov 14, 2003 11:57 PST

When we awaken to the potential for determining our destiny, and
start fielding strong candidates aggressively, we can increase voter
participation. The anti-recall campaign IS just such an organizing
opportunity to develop an electoral constituency, a machine, if you
will, to get our perspective into the power structure.



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