TS - Humboldt County DA candidates continue to haul in big money

Humboldt County DA candidates continue to haul in big money

With less than a week until Election Day, the two candidates to become Humboldt County's next district attorney have combined to spend more than $300,000 on their campaigns.

Financial disclosure forms filed with the Humboldt County Elections Office -- California Form 460s -- are required to be filed with the county and list all campaign contributions of $100 or more that candidates have received, any loans they have taken and where their campaign funds have been spent.

Filings due at the elections office last week detail the candidates' finances from Oct. 1 through Oct. 16 and indicate that the two remaining district attorney candidates each raised an average of more than $1,000 a day for the filing period.

The district attorney race pits two-term incumbent Paul Gallegos against challenger Allison Jackson, who served as a deputy district attorney for 10 years before becoming a partner in Eureka's Harland Law Firm.

Jackson reported receiving more cash contributions this filing period, reporting receiving $17,728 in cash contributions to go with $165 in non-monetary contributions for a total of $17,893 in contributions received in the filing period.

Gallegos reported receiving $14,228 in cash contributions and a $10,000 loan from Jaime O'Donnell, a self-employed Trinidad construction contractor, for a total of $24,228 in cash contributions received in the filing period.

In year-to-date numbers, Gallegos has also out-raised and out-spent Jackson.

According to the filings, Gallegos has raised $160,783 to Jackson's $130,633 this year, and spent $167,261 to Jackson's $136,718.
Gallegos also leads Jackson in debt accrued, having received $46,000 in loans this year and accrued $14,809 in expenses, for a total outstanding debt of $60,809.

Jackson, on the other hand, reports having received $10,500 in loans this year with no accrued expenses.

For this filing period, Jackson reported receiving 25 donations of $100 or more, and $1,188 in donations of $100 or less. She reported receiving three donations of $1,000 or more: $1,500 from the Humboldt Builders Exchange PAC, $1,000 from Dottie Lee, who is self-employed in the field of real estate, and $8,000 from the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs' Organization PAC.

For the year, Jackson's largest contributors have been the Humboldt County Sheriffs' Organization PAC, which has contributed $18,000; Eel River Disposal owner Harry Hardin, who has contributed $5,825; and McKinleyville's Kenneth Quigley, who has contributed $4,015 so far this year.

Gallegos reported receiving a total of 25 donations of $1,000 or more for the filing period and $278 in contributions of $100 or less.

He reported receiving nine contributions of $1,000 or more: $1,500 from Redway's Trim Scene Solutions Inc., $1,500 from Whitethorn's Sage Koenig, and $1,000 each from Eureka's Christoph Fisher, Garberville's Kristin Nevedal, Owens Hunting Lease in Garberville, Whitethorn's Trent Sanders, Miranda's Matthew Scott, Sacramento's The Volo Group and Costa Mesa's Winter, LLP.

For the year, Gallegos' largest contributors have been attorney Jennifer Keller, who contributed $3,5000, dentist Karissa Elloway, who contributed $2,960, and Murphy's' Market owner Patrick Murphy, who has donated $2,000.

Gallegos reported spending a total of $14,960 in the filing period, with his largest expenditures going for campaign workers' salaries and print and radio advertisements. He reported finishing the filing period with an ending cash balance of $16,519.

Jackson reported spending a total of $26,732 this filing period, with her largest expenditures going for print, radio and television advertisements and campaign literature and mailers. She reported ending the filing period with $7,495 in cash on hand.

The candidates will have to file Form 460s again Jan. 31, 2011, detailing their fundraising activity from Oct. 17 through the end of the year.

Thadeus Greenson can be reached at 441-0509 or tgreenson@times-standard.com.

Thadeus Greenson can be reached at 441-0509 or tgreenson@times-standard.com.