TS LTR - No more political chicanery

No more political chicanery
Letters to the Editor
Posted: 10/24/2010 01:08:40 AM PDT

Upon reading Paul Gallego's candidate statement for District Attorney, I am appalled that he takes credit for all the programs currently in his office. A number of competent attorneys before his time in this office are responsible for establishing and implementing the Consumer and Environmental Unit, the Child Abuse (CAST) and Adult Sex Crimes Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit.

He talks about attracting victim/witness advocates, but the program under his leadership is sorely diminished.

He gives minimal credit to the former and excellent investigators who are most responsible for his cold case solutions.

He doesn't mention the high-profile cases that not only should not have been prosecuted, but have cost the county a great deal of money.

The sign Gallegos and Gallegos in Old Town is an ethical and misleading problem which has never been corrected. Has he prosecuted any former clients? These are questions brought out by my direct conversation with an employee of the California Bar Association.

Gallegos has all the smooth answers, but the actual facts seem to be extremely limited.

Allison Jackson has successfully prosecuted the most egregious crimes of our society -- child abuse. How many cases has Gallegos dealt away in that area? How many unpopular cases has he dealt away? We need a straightforward, responsible and honest district attorney. No more political chicanery! My vote is for Jackson.

Mary Ellen Norton