Local attorney throws hat in the ring for DA

Local attorney throws hat in the ring for DA
A local defense attorney who worked for District Attorney Paul Gallegos for nearly a year and a half announced her candidacy for the position today.

”You can complain or you can try to do something to change things,” Kathleen Bryson said in an interview.

Her decision to run came after she and other local attorneys had discussions on who was going to run against Gallegos.
”And no one came forward,” Bryson said.

She said issues like the treatment of victims, prosecuting big cases and the office's relationship with police were a few of her motivating factors.

”Law enforcement has about had it with Paul,” Bryson said.

Bryson grew up in the Palo Alto area, went to the University of California at Santa Cruz and graduated from Tulane University in 1992.

She practiced corporate law for an English firm and lived in England and Ireland.

She's married to the St. Bernard's School Director of Facilities Gary Bryson and lives in Cutten. Her two daughters are 16 and almost 10.

After time at the DA's office as a deputy district attorney, she worked for the law office of Manny Daskal before recently starting her own practice.

At Daskal's office she defended a number of marijuana cases, which, she said, has given her experience with the one of the county's top issues.

”We keep it criminal and we keep it dangerous,” Bryson said. “We have to be very careful on how we regulate it.”

Photo: Josh Jackson/The Times-Standard Kathleen Bryson announced her run for Humboldt County District Attorney during an interview at the Mity Nice Bakery in Eureka on Tuesday. (Allison White)