Upcoming elections

November election filings show candidate shortages
McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors. Incumbent Jeff Dunk opted not to seek another term, but both Bill Wennerholm and Dennis Mayo want to do it again.

Altogether, six people are seeking three seats. The challengers are David Couch, Jake Pickering, Dave Varshock and Penny Elsebusch.
Please, God, no, not Penny Elsebusch and Jake Pickering!

McKinleyville Union School District board, which governs the community's three schools: Morris, Dows Prairie and McKinleyville Middle School. Incumbents Barbara Kelly and David Alan Smith are seeking another four-year term. They're facing challengers Justin Zabel, Don Rosebrook and Tim Hooven.

Manila Community Services Board of Directors incumbents Charles McDaniels or Shelley Lima decided to run again. However, five residents are seeking their four-year seats: Zachary Thoma, John Walker, Robert Rose, Dendra Dengler and Michael Fennell.

Then, for some reason, there's a big focus on the 2010 Supervisor race.
Duffy won't be seeking a third term
Duffy Out, Cleary In for 2010 Race