TS - Convicted sex offender faces 6 years, deportation

Convicted sex offender faces 6 years, deportation

A Mexican national, who will face deportation for a second time after serving an expected six-year sentence, pleaded no contest Monday to allegations he sexually abused his 8-year-old daughter.

Isaias Felix-Romero, 33, pleaded no contest to the sexual abuse of his daughter-- referred to as Jane Doe-- according to Deputy District Attorney Arnold Klein.

Eight years ago Felix-Romero was convicted of unlawful intercourse with a 13-year-old minor, the mother of Jane Doe. Felix-Romero later married Jane Doe's mother.

The alleged sexual abuse occurred between July and August 2008 and were reported by the victim's grandmother.

In early September, Felix-Romero was arrested as part of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on Sun Valley Floral Farms.

ICE reported Felix-Romero has already been deported from the United States once, and he will be detained and ultimately deported by ICE after his sentence is completed.

”We definitely have flagged this case for follow-up, and a detainer will be lodged against the individual,” said ICE Communications Director Virginia Kice.

Felix-Romero's previous deportation may be reinstated, which would result in expedited removal. Because of Felix-Romero's criminal history and felony reentry, his case is subject to review by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Klein said he was pleased the case did not go to trial and that Jane Doe was not required to testify.

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Posted: 01/13/2009 01:19:46 AM PST

This report says he pled "no contest to allegations..." but does not say what the CHARGES (Penal Code Sections), and resultant minimum and maximum penalties were.
Reminiscent of the Martinez-Hernandez case except this time, it looks like the guy really is going to get deported.

But in 6 years he'll get to rape another 13 year old (actually younger, probably, and next time, he may not want to leave any witnesses behind.)