TS - 01/09/2008 Moore jury needs answers

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Moore jury needs answers
Article Launched: 01/09/2008 01:15:31 AM PST

The jury, and the public, need answers in the Cheri Moore killing:

* If the reason for storming her apartment was the threat of a fire from a flare gun, why was a command center established in harm's way below her apartment rather than across the street?

* Why were residents on Ms. Moore's floor not evacuated, and why were some refused exit?

* Why was the fire chief not consulted to deploy his crew?

* Why was a ballistics expert not consulted to determine that a flare projectile travels very slowly, is easily extinguished, and cannot penetrate body armor or face masks?

* Why were available ballistic shields not employed?

* Why did the officer with non-lethal weaponry not deploy his distracting weapon, and why was he third in line to enter?

* Why did SWAT not bring a fire extinguisher?

* Why was tear gas not used (EPD excuse that the window was open is not credible)?

* Why did the SWAT team storm the apartment during a “time-out” in the negotiations?

* Why did Rocky Harpham shoot from panic rather than tackle her?

* Why did the commanding officers not evacuate, secure the area, deploy fire crew, and utilize Ms. Moore's friends or relatives to wait her out and negotiate?
* What was the rush, given that no uncontrollable emergency existed?

* Why aren't the shooters also indicted?

It appears that EPD negligently provoked her, endangered her neighbors, and killed her with a panicked SWAT team.

Ken Miller, MD

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