The Points in the HumCPR ad

Here's what the ad says -

By enacting an "Emergency Ordinance" that bans new home construction on TPZ lands in Humboldt County, you have abused your power and attacked our rural culture.

You claimed an "emergency" as a ruse to cheat us out of our constitutional right to due process, and you took over $1 Billion of property without justification or compensation.

You held two public hearings with little or no advance notice where you rushed to eliminate a long-standing right to build a home on private property.

You interfered with the dream of home ownership for many individuals who were in the process of achieving a piece of Humboldt County's rural culture. You are ignoring the county and state laws that for 30 years have allowed a residence on TPZ lands.

You have pre-determined the outcome of the ongoing General Plan Update process by dictating a policy that eliminates home building on TPZ lands.

You claimed the ordinance is in response to an "emergency." There is no emergency. Nobody can build a home on TPZ lands without your building permit oversight and regulation - and you know that to be true. You were already in control of the process.

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